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CONTROL: when you press the button of the DROPSTRAP and the patent pending mechanism is open – the guitar will not move, the mechanism is holding you guitar in place and waits for you to pull the guitar up or push it down gently or aggressively (you will decide) to the desired position.

Once you got the guitar to the right position, leave the button and the mechanism is LOCKED and you don’t have to miss a note.

DURABLE & SMOOTH: The DROPSTRAP is made from a very durable plastic reinforced with glass fiber, the wire of the DROPSTRAP is a Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SDM) – super durable and slick and can handle up to 220 LBS / 100 KG.

During the design process we wanted to use nylon strap as the retractable material, than we found out that when the strap is moving it makes a rustle, you can hear this rustle from you amp output. That is why we decided to go with a slick and smooth wire, the coating is designed to keep the adjustment as quiet as can be.


The location of the DROPSTRAP on a guitar was carefully chosen, we aimed to quick adjustments, the button had to be as close to the guitar body but within hand reach, the size of the button is perfectly sized and shaped for the human hand so you wouldn’t miss it, even while holding a pick.

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The idea first arose some 20 years ago when DROP’s founder was practicing with his band and found himself struggling with the position of his guitar.
He always preferred the look of a long strap and low-hanging guitar but also felt the need to keep his instrument close so that he could play with comfort. He found himself compromising by keeping the guitar somewhere in the middle, getting neither the look he wanted or the comfort he needed.

Every time his solo came up, he found himself straining to reach the note he needed to hit with accuracy at the very top of his guitar’s neck, thinking repeatedly, “Am I going to reach? I hope I don’t miss it.” He didn’t, but he did realize that he was more focused on these nagging worries than on the music, and how is that right?

After talking it over with his bandmates they realized: there’s no need to suffer or compromise – they would just have to invent the right product that would give every guitarist the freedom they need.



3 reviews for DropStrap – Adjustable guitar strap

  1. Alex

    so comfortable and easy to use.
    very good design and engineering, takes 5 sec to get used to it and you can adjust immediately.

    great service! communicated fast and showed me how to use it, not only that i love it, i bought one more for my other guitar and 2 for my band mates…:)

    thanks a lot guys!

  2. rogerchan

    adapting height for tapping instead of holding the guitar super high all the time got rid of my shoulder pain

  3. Eric

    This adjuster made me realize how much i was struggling for no reason.

    Making better music and sounding better in my opinion just because of this adjustment shit…

    Very impressive and easy to control

    Great service too

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